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Our ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, or simply UHMWPE sheet, is high performance thermoplastic sheet that features several advantages:
Excellent abrasion resistance
Low friction coefficient
No moisture absorption
Corrosion resistance
Noise abatement
Impact strength
Maintains key physical properties down to -200℃

Xinxing is an expert engineering plastic supplier that offers a full line of UHMWPE sheets. Xinxing UHMWPE sheets are available in various colors, sizes and molecular weights.

Xinxing UHMWPE Sheets have the following advantages:
Thickness tolerance is +2 -0
Advanced machinery guarantees accurate sizing
This line of plastic sheet can be made into almost any shape

Xinxing provides a complete size range of UHMWPE sheets:
1. 2000×1000× (10-300)mm
2. 2250×1000× (10-300)mm
3. 2300×1200× (10-300)mm
4. 2500×1300× (10-300)mm
5. 3050×1220× (10-300)mm
6. 3000×1500× (10-200)mm
8. 4700×1200× (10-150)mm
9. 5000×1300× (10-180)mm
10. 6100×1800× (10-200)mm
Any size within the standard size is available.

UHMWPE Sheet Colors
Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Red, Orange, and custom colors.

Types of Xinxing UHMWPE sheet

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