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Tivar 88 liner Sheet

Tivar 88 is known as a premium lining material used in the bulk handling of various materials. It is designed to allow bulk solids to flow without damaging the material itself because of its low surface friction. Tivar 88 liner sheet acts as a great solution when you are looking to reduce or eliminate arching, rat holing and erratic material flows in bins, hoppers, chutes, rail cars, etc.

This material is lightweight at only 1/8 the weight of steel. It is also easily machined and installed.

Tivar 88 can be fabricated and welded to fit nearly any application including seamless linings, drop-in liners, or replacement liners.
Xinxing is constantly developing products like Tivar 88 to create better and better lining solutions for our customers.

Promotes steady bulk flow without ruining the lining
Reduces or eliminates arching, rat holing and erratic flows
Abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistant
Low coefficient of friction
No moisture absorption

Belt scrapers
Bunk liners and cyclones
Chain conveyor flights
Chute liners
Dust collection hopper liners
Drag line buckets
Front end loader bucket liners
Off road truck beds
Rail car liners

Data Sheet:
Material Properties Standard Unit Value
Average molecular weight g /mol Approx 9*106
Density ISO1183 Kg/m3 >934
Water absorption at 23℃until saturation ISO62 % < 0.01
Material Properties Standard Unit Value
Tensile stress at yield (tensile strength) ISO527 MPa ≥17
Elongation at break ISO527 % ≥250
Tensile modulus ISO527 MPa 790
Impact strength (Charpy)at 23℃ ISO179 Kj/m2 No break
Notched impact strength (Charpy)at 23℃ ISO11542-2 Kj/m2 ≥120
Ball indentation hardness ISO2039-1 N/mm2 30-35
Shore-Hardness D,15 s value ISO868 60-65
Coefficient of friction Approx.0.5
Abrasion(Sand-Slurry) 80
Thermal properties Standard Unit Value
Melting point DSC ,10k/min ISO3146 135-138
Vicat softening point ISO306 80
Coefficient of linear themal expansion Between 23 and 80℃ ISO11359 K-1 approx 2*10-4
Thermal conductivity ISO52612 W/[m*k] approx 0.4
Use Temperature (max.) 80
Use Temperature (briefly) 90
Use Temperature (min.) -200
Electrical properties Standard Unit Value
Relative permittivity at 100 Hz IEC 60250 - 2.1
Dissipation factor at 100 Hz IEC60250 - Approx 3.9*10-4
Volume resistivity IEC60093 Ohm*m >1012
Surface resistivity IEC60093 Ohm >1012
Dielectric strength IEC60243 KV/mm 45
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