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Temporary Road Mat

Xinxing offers effective UHMWPE temporary road mats at competitive prices. This type of plastic matting can be used as temporary roadways for vehicles and equipment.

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Popular Size: 4500×2000MM ,3000×1500MM ,3000×2500MM ,3000×2000MM
Loading weight: more than 300 ton
Life: more than 10 years life
Customer size:
3000×2000mm   6000×2000mm    
3000×2500mm  4500×2000mm   (The most popular size )
Cleat Height :5mm on both sizes
Normal Connections
Thickness can be 20mm to 100mm
Min Loading weight: 180 tons
Material: PE composite material and recycled UHMWPE material
World Popular Color for Ground mats
Black, white, Dark green, Yellow, Red and so on .Customer made color is also available with us.


Applications of UHMWPE temporary road mat
Where can we use ground mats sites courses
3.utilities and landscaping
4.tree care
6.oil drilling industry
7.Marsh, wet muddy ground condition 
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Advantages and Benefits of UHMWPE Temporary Road Mats
1. Create an easily traveled roadway over virtually any type of terrain including mud, sand, uneven, or soft terrain.
2. Protects grass during landscaping projects.
3. Superior alternative to wood and fiberglass as it will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate.
4. Saves time and labor for getting vehicles and equipment through difficult terrain.
5. A great heavy equipment mat for protection equipment and vehicles from excessive wear from operating on unstable surfaces.
6. Easily installed and removed without help from equipment
7. Link together with metal connectors.
8. Easily cleaned
9. Withstands vehicle weights up to 80 tons
10. Guaranteed for 7 years

Temporary roadway specification:
Factor Value
Tensile Strength(MPa) 22 28
Notched Impacted Strength Kj/m2 No break No break
Elongation at break (%) > 100% > 50%
Acids-concentrated Good--Fair Good-Fair
Acids-dilute Good Good
Aromatic hydrocarbons Fair Fair
Greases and Oils Good-Fair Good-Fair
Halogenated Hydrocarbons Fair-Poor Fair-Poor
Halogens Fair-Poor Fair-Poor
Ketones Good-Fair Good-Fair
Alcohols Good Good
Alkalis Good Good
Density(g/cm 3 0.93-0.97 0.93-0.96
Water absorption-over 24 hours (%) < 0.01 < 0.01
Resistance to Ultra-violet Poor Poor
Radiation resistance Fair Fair
Dielectric constant@1MHz 2.3-2.4 2.3
Dielectric strength(KV/ mm) 22 28
Dissipation Factor@1MHz 1-10*10 -4 1-10*10 -4
Surface resistivity(Ohm/sq) 10 13 10 13
Volume resistivity(Ohm-cm) 1015 -10 18 10 18

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