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UHMWPE Marine Fender Pad

Our marine fenders are UHMWPE parts produced using a sintering process either from unused or reclaimed material (aprox. 70% reclaimed +30% new material - also called double-sintered or blended UHMWPE).

Advantages of the UHMWPE Marine Fender
Ultra high impact strength
Very low friction coefficient
Extremely high abrasion resistance

Standard Colors
Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and White.
(Other colors are available upon request)

Applications of the Plastic Fender
Low resistance sliding plates on fender panels
Low resistance sliding panels for bridge and pier protection
Corner protection for offshore structures, berths, and other marine facilities

Technical Parameters of UHMWPE Marine Fender System
Item Test method Unit UHMWPE 1000-V UHMWPE 1000-DS
Density ISO1183-1 g/cm3 0.93-0.95 0.95-0.96
Yield Strength ASTM D-638 N/mm2 15-22 15-22
Breaking Elongation ISO527 % >200% >100%
Impact strength ISO179 Kj/m2 130-170 90-130
Abrasion ISO15527 Steel=100 80-110 110-130
Shore Hardness ISO 868 Shore D 63-64 63-67
Friction Coefficient(Static state) ASTM D-1894 <0.2 <0.2
Operating temperature - -80 to +80 -80 to +80
UHMWPE flat fender pad, UHMWPE corner fender pad, and UHMWPE edge fender pad are all available.

For special designs for UHMWPE marine fender or custom UHMWPE panels, please contact us by email.

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