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Other UHMWPE Machined Parts

    1. UHMWPE Conveyor PaddleThese UHMWPE conveyor paddles are suitable for use on any type of drag conveyor. They can be manufactured using UHMWPE or hi-temp UHMWPE depending on the application. These plastic conveyor components are both highly functional and economical.
    1. UHMWPE Dock BumperXinxing loading UHMWPE dock bumpers can be installed in garages and warehouses to prevent damage to and from cars, trucks, walls, and doors. They can also be used as boat fenders.
    1. UHMWPE Pipe SupportThese UHMWPE pipe supports are our custom UHMWPE machined plastic parts for pipeline installation and rack access. The engineering plastic blocks are specially installed in hot or cold pipe racks below the support bracket and then are double-bolt seat tube clamped.
    1. UHMWPE Chain Guide RailUHMWPE chain guide rails help to prevent slack spans and reduce the sliding friction of chain mechanisms. Xinxing offers the widest range of standard UHMWPE guide rails for guiding belts, chains, and cables. Standard crowned and flat versions are also available for use in guide rail systems.
    1. UHMWPE Pulley/RollerUHMWPE rollers are excellent quality high-tech engineering plastic components. Manufactured using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, these rollers are more wear resistant and have better rotation performance compared to metal or ceramic idler rollers.
    1. UHMWPE Parts for Port MachineryAs a selection of UHMWPE machined parts, these port machinery parts have exceedingly high abrasion resistance, 10 times higher than that of HDPE and 7 times higher than that of steel. UHMWPE rollers are subjected to continuous abrasion in extreme applications.
    1. UHMWPE Dewatering ElementThe UHMWPE dewatering element here is used as suction box cover for paper machinery. These UHMWPE machined parts have an extremely smooth surface with an exceptionally low friction coefficient, a low level of adhesion, and excellent chemical resistance.
    1. UHMWPE Doctor BladeUHMWPE doctor blades are often preferred for their resistance properties and cost effectiveness. The durability and ease of cleaning of this line of UHMWPE machined parts is a huge advantage over other machined plastic parts.
    1. UHMWPE Forming BoardThese UHMWPE forming boards are primarily used for paper industry purposes. UHMWPE machined parts are known for their wear resistance and ability to work well in moist environments. The high end engineered plastic component is cost effective and has a long working life.
    1. UHMWPE Scraper BladeXinxing UHMWPE scraper blades are finely crafted and are available in a variety of lengths for efficient drum filter applications. Our UHMWPE scraper blades are laser cut and sharpened to a 23-degree angle.
    1. UHMWPE Other UHMWPE PartsUltra high molecular weight polyethylene is often considered to be the best engineering plastic, especially when it comes to wear resistance. UHMWPE parts and accessories are used in a variety of industries because the plastic can outperform more expensive metals.

Xinxing is a professional custom plastic fabrication service and solutions provider in China. Apart from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or UHMWPE sheets, rods, blocks, and wear strips, we also offer a broad range of custom UHMWPE machined parts such as conveyor paddles, dock bumpers, pipe support blocks, guide rails, pulley/rollers, marine fender pads, crane outrigger pads, etc.

According to customer requirements, UHMWPE machined parts of all kinds and sizes can be customized. If you have further questions that our product pages do not answer, please feel free to contact us.

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