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HDPE Block

Sizes of HDPE Block
Max. Length: 6m
Max. Width: 2.5m
(Our company have 8 sets CNC machine to meet any custom plastic block requirements)

Features of HDPE Block
Abrasion and wear resistant (15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel wear blocks)
Corrosion and impact resistant
Temperature resistant
Not water absorbent

Xinxing HDPE blocks can be utilized as sliding blocks and supporting blocks for food and cargo conveyor belts as well as for other mechanical equipment. HDPE material is preferred for use as wear blocks because of its wear resistance and high coefficient of friction.

Color: white, black, grey, red, blue, green, yellow, etc.

Property Data of HDPE Block
Item Test method Test result unit
Specific weight ASTM D-792 0.95-0.98 g/cm3
Yield strength ASTM D-638 25 MPa
Ultimate strength ASTM D-638 45 MPa
Breaking elongation ISO527 320 %
Impact strength ISO179 130 Mj/mm2
Abrasion ISO15527 120 ---
Shore hardness ISO868 65 Shore D
Friction coefficient ASTM D-1894 0.11 Unitless
Coefficient of thermal expansion ASTM D-696 0.0002
Volume resistivity IEC600093 ≤1000 ∩*cm
Surface resistivity IEC600093 ≤1000
Water absorption ASTM D-570 0.0094 %
Melt point ASTM D-3417 138
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