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Other HDPE Custom Parts

    1. PE100 Pipe Grade HDPE SheetThe PE100 pipe grade HDPE sheet is an engineering grade thermoplastic sheet specifically designed for the construction of tanks and vessels for chemical and water processing. This engineering plastic sheeting is black and UV stabilized to maintain integrity when exposed
    1. HDPE Sliding FenderHigh density polyethylene sliding fenders are an excellent replacement for timber and other materials used as protective covers for construction projects. This selection of HDPE parts is also often used as dock fenders because HDPE material will not split or decay.
    1. HDPE Ground Protection Mat

      HDPE ground protection mats at competitive prices. This type of plastic matting can be used as temporary roadways for vehicles and equipment.

    1. HDPE Composite Rig Mat

      Composite rig mats are HDPE matting commonly utilized in the oil and gas industry because of their durability and versatility.


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