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Synthetic ice board

Our synthetic ice board is designed using a special compound that behaves similarly to real ice. These synthetic panels are a viable alternative to artificial ice rinks, making ice-skating possible nearly anywhere at a reasonable price, especially without the constant maintenance.
The synthetic ice material is made from virgin grade polymers with a special lubricating agent. The interlocking dovetail panel system significantly outperforms traditional square edge style panels to create a tight seal between panels that will hold together even under the stress of skaters gliding across the surface.
The most advanced feature of our synthetic ice is the self-lubricating agent used in production. Rinks constructed using these panels can be used in all conditions without the application of wax or other liquids.

Leisure time installations, sport parks and recreation centers
Home training installations: shooting zones, stick handling
Ice-hockey, speed and figure skating, curling Shopping centers
Sport shops
Events, fairs, theatres, etc.
Entertainment and holiday parks

Standard Size:
2000*1000* (8-20) mm
1000*1000*(8-20) mm

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