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Rigid PVC Sheet

Xinxing produces rigid PVC sheets with a thickness of 1mm-30 mm. Custom PVC sheeting can also be made according to customer requirements.

Customizable Sizes of Rigid PVC Sheet
Thickness: 1mm-40mm
Width: 1mm-3mm:1m-1.3m
Length: Any length
Surface: Glossy, matte, embossed
Standard colors: Dark grey ( RAL 7011), light grey, black, white, blue, green, red and any other colors available.

Characteristics of Rigid PVC Sheet
Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
Outstanding impact strength
Easy to fabricate, weld, and machine
Vacuum formable
High rigidity and superior strength
Reliable electrical insulation
Low flammability
Self extinguishing

1) Our rigid PVC sheets are popular selections of industrial plastic sheets which are utilized in a number of industries for electrical, water, and chemical purposes.
2) PVC decoration sheets can be manufactured in various colors and styles for billboards and other advertising signboards.
3) UV stabilized PVC sheets are designed to be resistant to sunlight and to the weather. These properties make the plastic sheet the ideal choice for outdoor signage.
4) PVC vacuum forming sheets can be shaped into a variety of forms for decoration, the automotive industry, packaging, and other applications.

PVC Industrial Sheets
PVC Decoration Sheets
PVC UV Stabilized Sheets
PVC Vacuum Forming Sheets

Standard Sizes
Thickness 1220×2440mm 1500×3000mm 1300×2000mm 1000×2000mm
We can also provide PVC rigid sheets of customized sizes
Technical Data of Rigid PVC Sheet
Test Standard (GB/T 22789.1-2008) Unit Typical Value
Density 1.45-1.55 g/cm3 1.45
Tensile strength (length/breadth) ≥45 Mpa 52.9/48.9
Elongation(length/breadth) ≥8 % 29/32
Notch impact strength (Length/Breadth) ≥5 KJ/m2 7.83/7.57
Charpy un-notched impact Strength 0℃-20℃ --- KJ/m2 Pendulum 4J Sample not break
Bending strength V=2mm/min --- Mpa 76.2
Ball indentation hardness 358 N (H:0.118-0.138 ) --- N/m m2 221
Vicat softening temperature ≧70 76.8
Heat shrinkage (Length/Breadth) -4 to +4 % +1.9 / -0.1
Deflection temperature under Load ( Length/Breadth) ---- 69.5 /69.7
35%+/-1%(v/v)HCI 5h 60℃ +/-10 g/cm3 +5
30%+/-1%(v/v)H2SO4 5h60℃ +/-8 g/cm3 +4
40%+/-1%(v/v)HNO3 5h60℃ +/-8 g/cm3 +4
40%+/-1%(v/v)Naoh 5h 60℃ +/-5 g/cm3 +2
Volume resistivity --- 5.5×1013
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