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PVC Foam Sheet

Specifications of PVC Foam Sheet
Customizable Sizes
Thickness range: 1mm-30 mm
Max. Width: 2050mm
Length: Any length

Standard sizes (W×L): 1220×2440mm; 1560×2440mm; 2050×3050mm
(We can also provide PVC foam sheets of any other size according to customer requirements.)

Standard colors: White, gray, blue, and other special colors

Characteristics of PVC Foam Sheet
1) The environmentally friendly thermoplastic sheet is often used as an alternative to wood and steel sheets.
2) It is a versatile, flexible PVC sheet.
3) Smooth surface finish makes it suitable for printers and signage.
4) Light-weight, non-flammable, non-toxic.
5) Alkali and acid resistant, water-proof, good insulation, and shock absorption.
6) Tough, rigid, with the high impact strength.
7) Stable color retention

Applications of PVC Foam Sheet
PVC foam board is a common substitute for wood and is widely used in building, advertising, and decoration.

1. Advertising
1) Signage and display panels
2) Internal wall hung displays
3) Exterior framed units
4) Screen printed panels.

2. Construction
1) Wall cladding and partitioning
2) Hygienic PVC cladding
3) Decorative cladding
4) Temporary partitioning
5) False ceilings
6) PVC wall panels / PVC roof panels

Technical Data of PVC Foam Sheet
Testing item Unit Testing Result
Density g/cm3 0.4-0.8
Tensile strength MPa 12-20
Bending intensity MPa 12-18
Bending elasticity modulus MPa 800-900
Impacting intensity KJ/m2 8-15
Breakage elongation % 15-20
Elongation strength MPa ≥10
Shore hardness D. D 45-50
Water absorption % ≤1
Vicar softening point 70-76
Fire resistance Self-Extinguishing Less than 5 seconds
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