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PTFE Products

Xinxing offers a wide range of PTFE products including PTFE sheets, PTFE rods, PTFE cylinders and PTFE tubes which are almost universally chemically resistant and non-stick. PTFE will operate normally at up to 260℃. The thermoplastic material is UV resistant even in harsh sunlit environments.

PTFE products can be custom manufactured with additional fillers to create PTFE compounds to suit particular mechanical applications that are not characteristic of virgin PTFE.

Advantages of Virgin PTFE Materials
Unaffected by almost all chemicals
Continuous use at high temperatures
Slippery non-stick surface
Outstanding dielectric properties

Advantages of PTFE Compounds
Improved resistance to cold flow or creep
Reduction in wear and friction
Improved dimensional stability
Increased stiffness and surface hardness

Physical Properties of PTFE Materials
Specific gravity g/cm2 2.18
Max continuous operating temp 260
Max short term operating temp (3-4hrs) 310
Tensile strength Mpa 28
Hardness Rockwell M 65
Co-efficient of thermal expansion m/(m.k)×10-6 125
Dielectric strength KV/mm 59
Surface resistivity Ohms >10^7
Flammability UL94 530
Food grade FDA NO

PTFE Sheet Specifications
Thickness: 1mm~100mm
Size: 500×500mm, 1000×1000mm, 1200×1200mm, as order
Density: 2.1g/cm3-2.3g/cm3
Color: white, black, as order

PTFE Rod Specifications
Size: 1mm-500mm
Color: White or colored
Materials like carbon, graphite and glass fiber can be filled

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