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    Single Color HDPE Sheet

    Xinxing single color HDPE sheet can be used for numerous applications and is noted for its high strength to density ratio. High density polyethylene sheets are resistant to many solvents which make it a very commonly used thermoplastic sheet material. HDPE sheeting is also used in some applications for safety reasons because it rips or tears when its strength fails instead of shattering like common plastic sheets.

    Sizes of Single Color HDPE Sheet
    Thickness range: 0.4mm~30mm
    Max. Width: 2000mm
    Length: Any length.
    Standard sizes: 1220×2440mm; 1000×2000mm
    Custom sizes available as well

    Applications of Single Color HDPE Sheet
    1. Food storage and freezing equipment
    2. Cutting boards, kitchen counters, kitchen shelves
    3. Protective surfaces for food processing
    4. Acid and alkali resistant equipment, environmental protection equipment
    5. Water tank, waste water, waste gas discharge, water treatment equipment
    6. Chemical containers, medicine, and food packaging
    7. Machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, and decoration
    8. Sterile room, semiconductor plant, and related industrial equipment
    9. Gas transportation, water supply, drainage, and agricultural irrigation
    10. Pump and valve components, medical appliance parts, sliding profiles
    11. Outdoor recreational facilities, sound barrier, partition board, and furniture

    Standard Colors
    Blue, grey, black, white, yellow, green, red and any other single colors.

    Plain, matte, embossed, special textures

    Technical Data of Single Color HDPE Sheet
    Property Unit Testing Method Value
    Molecular weight 1E6 g/mol ASTM D6474 0.5-1
    Density g/cm3 ISO1183 0.95-0.98
    Dynamic coefficient of friction ISO8295 ≦0.2
    Hardness (Shore D) ISO868 63-70
    Elongation at break % ISO527 ≥200
    Tensile strength N/mm2 ASTM D638 >15
    Impact strength kJ/m2 ISO179 No Break
    Water absorption ASTM D570 ≦0.1
    Surface resistivity Ohm IEC 93 1014
    Temperature resistance -200 to +80
    Melt temperature 130-140
    Flammability grade according to UL94 HB
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