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    HDPE Ground Protection Mat

    Xinxing offers effective HDPE ground protection mats at competitive prices. This type of plastic matting can be used as temporary roadways for vehicles and equipment.

    Specifications of HDPE Ground Protection Mat
    Thickness:12.7mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm
    Cleat height: 5mm
    Common color: Black, Green (other colors available, MOQ5 tons)


    Applications of HDPE Ground Protection Mat
    1. As Construction Mats
    Our HDPE ground protection mats are commonly used in the construction industry for ground protection and to help ease transportation through less than ideal ground conditions.
    2. As Temporary Road Mats
    Temporary access roads are sometimes necessary to transport items and equipment more safely in rough conditions.
    3. Utility maintenance
    4. Emergency access
    5. Event flooring and paths
    6. Pedestrian walkways
    7. Caravan parks
    8. Platforms for equipment
    9. Agricultural roads
    10. Civil engineering works

    Advantages and Benefits of HDPE Ground Protection Mats
    1. Create an easily traveled roadway over virtually any type of terrain including mud, sand, uneven, or soft terrain.
    2. Protects grass during landscaping projects.
    3. Superior alternative to wood and fiberglass as it will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate.
    4. Saves time and labor for getting vehicles and equipment through difficult terrain.
    5. A great heavy equipment mat for protection equipment and vehicles from excessive wear from operating on unstable surfaces.
    6. Easily installed and removed without help from equipment
    7. Link together with metal connectors.
    8. Easily cleaned
    9. Withstands vehicle weights up to 80 tons
    10. Guaranteed for 7 years

    Technical Data of HDPE Ground Protection Mats
    Characteristics Unit DIN (Regulation) Value
    Identification 7728 HMPE/PE/PP
    Weight density Gr/cm3 53479-A 0,951
    Melting temperature Celsius -133
    Melting index MFI 190/21.6 Gr/min 53735 2
    Viscosity value Cm3/gr 53728-T4 480
    Staudinger index Jg Cm3/gr 53728-T4 480
    Water absorbance % 53495/1L <0,1
    Mechanical Values
    Bending Stress50mm/min N/mm2 53455 26
    Tension Stress50mm/min N/mm2 53455 9
    Strain limit % 53455 >50
    Tension E-module1mm/min N/mm2 53457 1000
    Impact strength 15 deg point Kj/m2 53456 47
    Thermal Values
    Dimensional stability LDT/A 1.8 N/ mm2 Celsius 53461 42
    Expansion coefficient 10-4/K 53752 1,4 – 1,7
    Thermal conduction W/(m×K) 52612 0,40
    Electrical Values
    Electrical value 50 Hz VDE 0303-T4 2.4
    Electrical value 1 Mhz VDE 0303-T4 2.4
    Passage resistance Ohm x cm VDE 0303-T3 >10^14
    Surface resistance Ohm VDE 0303-T3 >10^14
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